Recruten is the place to discuss work. Everybody can create his/her profile. It's free of charge. Every profile can contain photos and videos which describe you as an employee (a great employee =)). Every profile can contain the job thoughts. You can follow other people's profiles and read their job thoughts and other users of the service can follow you as well.

The job thoughts

These are thoughts that occur to you when you are working. It may be your professional achievements, mastering new skills, etc. For example:

  • I mastered a new programming language.
  • Learners acquire a foreign language and consolidate new-gained knowledge far easily when they watch movies.
  • I created my style of sales for three months.

That's all that complement information about you as an employee, make your profile more complete.


Well, it's something like a regular resume, CV or profile on social networks. You could add some photos, take photos of how you working. Try to add a short video about yourself, tell about your profession, show the way you work. It will make a greater impression on the potential employer, on your friends and colleagues.

Always create a profile. Tell the world about yourself as an employee, do it constantly through the job thoughts and through your profile updates. Then in a while you will have a history of your achievements at work, acquired skills, etc. We hope this will allow you to move the career ladder faster or receive more suitable job offers.

Moreover, if you follow your colleagues' job thoughts you can find out a lot of interesting things you haven't known before.


Chats is a light messenger to talk to each other. Just click the message button on a profile page and write some message.

Stick to the topic

Our service is about work, about your profession. Therefore, we ask you to communicate here only on these topics.

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